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Whether you are looking for a gift box of confections, an incredible variety of bulk chocolates and gummies or an excellent sugar-free selection, our competitively priced confections meet the needs and desires of the traveling public.

Mixing excitement and entertainment with high quality offerings and a bright colorful store, Natalie's Candy Jar is a chain of self-serve candy stores with over 400 varieties of conventional, nostalgic, proprietary and hard to find candies and candy related gift items. Our stores feature a large bulk selection of chocolates, sours, gummies, jubes and jells, in addition to a generous assortment of sugar-free treats, nuts and health conscious trail mixes. In addition, high quality, premium international and domestic boxed chocolates are offered, as well as other unique candy related gift items.

Natalie's Candy Jar appeals equally to young and old. Of course, kids beam with anticipation and excitement as they step into a brightly lit, colorful environment bursting with every kind of candy imaginable. However, it's the looks on the adults' faces that leave a lasting impression - a kind of nostalgic, warm wondrous smile as they remember being a kid and munching on their favorite candy.

We are located in airports throughout the United States. Please see our locations page for a list of store locations.